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Designing Experiences

Welcome to my digital playground, where pixels come to life and experiences are crafted with passion. As a UX/UI designer, I thrive on the intersection of aesthetics and functionality, weaving together intuitive interfaces that elevate user experiences to new heights. 


Explore my projects, from wireframes to polished prototypes, showcasing my commitment to seamless interactions and captivating visuals.

From a Walmart pilot to a company-wide success, our collaboration with Microsoft led to the creation of an algorithm-driven chatbot, connecting mentors and mentees seamlessly. As the leader of the UX research and design team, I spearheaded user research, design sprints, and pilot testing, shaping a solution that revolutionized mentorship within Walmart.


In this project, I played a central role in overhauling Sam's Club HR processes with InsightHub, a centralized platform designed to meet all HR data needs. Through my leadership in UX research, design, and testing, alongside collaboration with Walmart's business insights & analytics team, we streamlined data insights capabilities, providing internal stakeholders with effortless access to critical information. Explore the details to uncover how this initiative significantly enhanced efficiency and decision-making within Sam's Club.


By consolidating scattered data silos, this initiative aimed to create a unified platform, enabling recruiters to swiftly evaluate and interview associates across the country. My involvement in user research and UI design was instrumental in shaping this practical solution, optimizing recruitment coordination within Walmart US. Dive deeper into the details to explore the impact and intricacies of this transformative project.

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