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InsightHub: Sam's Club HR Solution


The project aimed to consolidate Sam's Club HR data operations into a unified platform, offering comprehensive solutions for internal data requirements while enhancing data insights capabilities.

My Role:

I led the UX research, design, and testing phases, ensuring a seamless user experience across both mobile and web platforms. Collaboration with Walmart's business insights & analytics team was integral to aligning the product with organizational needs.


The application serves as a one-stop-shop for all Sam's Club HR data needs, accessible via both mobile and web interfaces, with a focus on Android systems. Through intuitive UX design and rigorous testing, the platform streamlines data insights, empowering internal customers to make informed decisions efficiently.

Key Takeaways:

  • Metric rationalization requires linguistic understanding and UX technical writing skills.

  • Designers need to take time to understand the underlying data structure and systems so they design what engineering can actually build.

  • Testing system loads for mobile devices must happen in the field, where old technology or poor connection could be the reason why users don't adopt the platform.


  • User engagement: Session duration & frequency of visits

  • Error rate: Number of system crashes, number of data retrieval failures, page load time 

  • Adoption rate & new users


Sam's Club User Research
User Research
Jessa Parette

Dashboard Designs 

Due to confidentiality agreements, I cannot show final designs with live data. All designs shown are mockups with placeholder information. 

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