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Jessa Parette

Chief Idea Wrangler | Chronic Coffee Lover




A Bit About Jessa

Meet Jessa, a dynamic leader at the intersection of technology, strategy, and intentional design. Having held diverse positions in product management, product design and user experience practices, her passion for creative innovation puts her as a seasoned leader in designing products, building high performing UX teams and scaling operational growth.

Work Experience

Finance & Consumer Products

Retail & eCommerce

Marketing & Brand Development

Content & Social Media

At the helm of Capital One's design organization, she drove innovation through many Head of Design roles encompassing product design, research operations, design risk management, and vendor collaboration. Notably, Jessa championed the data strategy for design, implementing scalable systems of design automation metrics across products, propelling the organization towards data-driven design excellence.

Beyond her tenure at Capital One, Jessa's impact extended to her role as the youngest female Head of Design for associate products in Walmart, scaling research, design and operations for over 1.3 million customers. Here, she led research and design, launched Walmart's first design presence in Austin, collaborating seamlessly with analytics teams, innovation labs, independent firms, nonprofits, and marketing agencies.

Drawing from her extensive experience leading product design and launches with with non-profits, startups and companies like Mars, Coca-Cola, P&G, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson and other large organizations, Jessa has championed speaking the language of business, and championing the business of design.

Jessa is a versatile content developer with experience crafting impactful digital and physical branding campaigns for nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies. With a background in editorial management, SEO marketing and UX writing, she ensures cohesive messaging and seamless user experiences across platforms.

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