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Recruit Radar


Revolutionizing the hiring process at Walmart US, this project aimed to streamline candidate assessment for field positions by consolidating data from various silos into a single, efficient platform.

My Role: 

I undertook the responsibility of conducting comprehensive user research and crafting intuitive UI designs to enhance the user experience and optimize the functionality of the platform.


RecruitRadar was a groundbreaking solution designed to empower Walmart US recruiters in efficiently evaluating and interviewing candidates during recruiting events nationwide. By consolidating data and providing a seamless user interface, RecruitRadar revolutionized the hiring process, ensuring top-quality candidates were identified and assessed with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to balance a multi-side platform to solve for the correct area of the business or user - "When users do X, the business is trying to get to X goal."

  • Driving communication for product delivery through agile methodologies improves working habits


  • Processed over 150K data points from store systems

  • Implemented offline working mode to solve for poor field technology

  • Reduced duplicate touchpoints by 47%



Research Process:


Design Process

Due to confidentiality agreements and ongoing design iterations, low-fidelity wireframes and information architectures have been excluded. All data included is placeholder only, and do not represent any true employee information. 


Product Designs

Candidate Selection Tool
Candidate Profile
Candidate Profile - Work

Mockups presented have been altered from their original forms in order to protect company information. No identifying information, layout or content is included.

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