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Experience Mapping for Rapid Designs

 Due to confidentiality agreements, specific insights, product information and company names have been removed

Over the course of many years, the technical systems purchased and built to provide technical support for the employees of a multinational company were disjointed and broken. Domain leaders were unable to identify which system or issue was highest priority for fixing technical support within an organization. This led to duplicating investment in Saas based services, productivity loss when employees were unable to quickly get help and disjointed asset management for hardware. 

My role:

In order to meet the tight 2-week timeline for a recommendation, the team approached me to lead the experience research, design sprint and rapid concept creation. The work needed required a designer who could lead end-to-end research, analysis, ideation and workshop facilitation without being blocked by ambiguity.


  1. Identify users of the system to interview and create contextual inquiry script

  2. Conduct contextual inquiry to observe usage, and leverage other team members to conduct basic interviews

  3. Consolidate findings and recordings to analyze key insights across users

  4. Create experience map and proto-personas of key groups

  5. Run 2 day workshop with key stakeholders to create 2 - 3 concepts for new platform

  6. Create mapping to show dependencies

Outcome 1: Highlight dependencies

I created an ecosystem map that combined the various domains that were responsible with the services that customers needed. The result highlighted the complexities and inefficiencies of trying to keep services segmented by device type or domain. 

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