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End-to-End Car Buying 

In response to conflicting feedback from dealers and customers regarding online car buying features and negotiation challenges, this case study explores the development of a streamlined negotiation flow that addresses the complexities of trading in a car, financing options, and vehicle condition assessment, ultimately enhancing user trust and retention in the online car buying process.

Due to privacy agreements, client name and some project details have been omitted.

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Conflicting feedback from dealers and customers highlighted the inefficiencies and complexities of the online car negotiation process. Key challenges included a lack of transparency, difficulty in assessing trade-ins, financing options, and maintaining user trust throughout the negotiation journey. 

My Role

As supporting product manager for the larger portfolio, I worked with the multi-disciplinary team to build the concept features and requirements documentation. My role encompassed defining the project scope, gathering user feedback, prioritizing features, and leading the development and implementation of the new negotiation flow. I collaborated closely with UX/UI designers, engineers, QA testers, and stakeholders to ensure alignment with user needs and business objectives throughout the project.

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Product concept

The product aimed to redesign the online car negotiation experience to address the aforementioned challenges and enhance user satisfaction. Through the launch of a pilot, the goal was to test negotiation features that mirrored real-life variables.


Through collaboration with cross-functional teams, we sought to develop a streamlined negotiation flow that simplifies the process while considering various factors such as trade-ins, financing, and vehicle condition assessments.

Product Requirements Documentation
Key takeaways


Narrowing Focus

Negotiation is complex, with no single user-flow that works for all groups. Understanding the core testing concept, and what you want to build out of the findings, will cut through the noise when handling product direction.


Balancing Business & Experience

It's easy to go down a rabbit hole, so reiterating the business goals, and how this product fit into the overall direction, redirected the team's attention to the 'must have' features. 


Scalable Data

When faced with a new feature that anticipates increased volume in data, testing out and defining the scalable architecture and infrastructure with engineering is best done parallel to design concepts so Design and Engineering are in lock step on what data is actually needed.


In this project, confidentiality agreements prevent me from disclosing client information. Wireframes, prototypes or other designs have been intentionally withheld.

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