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Jessa Parette

Meet Jessa, a dynamic leader at the intersection of technology, strategy, and intentional design. Her mission? To elevate the human experience at every touchpoint.


Currently serving as the Head of Design Data & Operations for Capital One's entire design organization, Jessa is the driving force behind Capital One's research operations, design risk management and vendor management for all design and research tools at Capital One.

Through her career in Capital One, she has also driven the data strategy for design, having pioneered scalable systems of automation for design metrics across products. Jessa's team orchestrates end-to-end experiences for designers, product teams, and developers, emphasizing intentional research, quantitative metrics, a robust design system, and visionary design strategy.


Jessa's impactful journey includes a pivotal role as the Head of UX for Walmart's associate digital experience, where she was the youngest female leader to build design and research operations at scale for ADE. Here, she led research and design, launched Walmart's first design presence in Austin, collaborating seamlessly with analytics teams, innovation labs, independent firms, nonprofits, and marketing agencies.

From experience working with non-profits, startups and companies like Mars, Coca-Cola, P&G, Nestle, Johnson & Johnson and other large organizations, Jessa has championed speaking the language of business, and championing the business of design.

Jessa Parette speaking at RetailLoco 2018


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